Reasons why I love you

Reasons Why I Love You (Tall)


As the old saying goes it really is the thought that counts and with this unique gift you can really show your feelings in a unique expressive way through the power of words. These beautiful set of notes convey emotions and thoughtfulness in a memorable way. Kind words and thoughtfulness is something we all need in our lives. It makes for better relationships and a better place to be.

The gifts that we treasure the most are the ones which come straight from the heart showing our love and appreciation. Stop struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner and order your “ten reasons why I love you” today!

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  • IDEAL GIFT: Handcrafted romantic gift for him or her. Express your feelings through the power of words in a thoughtful, touching way. These charming set of love notes offer to inspire, uplift and bring you closer to your other half. Simply put your love captured in a Jar!
  • UNIQUE: Each jar is beautifully presented and is approx. 185mm tall x 50mm wide containing old style parchment paper wrapped in a double 20mm gold ring together with one spare blank sheet and black gel pen in-case you want to write your own message. We’ve put significant time and effort with handcrafting each item to the highest possible standard.
  • EXPRESSIVE: Open the note for a dose of love and happiness. Imagine the look on your loved ones face and the joy brought through being thoughtful.
  • ATTENTIVE: Show your other half how caring you are with this touching gift that conveys your love and gratitude in small doses of beautifully presented notes in a jar. Such quotes can help rediscover simple truths of love and affection that we often neglect due to our busy lives.
  • GUARANTEE: If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase then let us know and we’ll offer you a full 100% money back guarantee. Go ahead and show your other half how thoughtful you are with conveying your feelings of love and affection. After all such gifts from the heart are the ones we treasure the most!


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